Rave-up Tonight



Duration 1m 43s
Creation date 2017-10-11
Modication date 2019-10-18
Karaoke ID (KID) : c38fcd50-c756-47c3-9821-19dc26dc86eb
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Oh Let us get extremely high right now
Damn it
Damn it
She is still not turning back to me today
I can never be honest to myself
I'm about to give it all up after all
The day I was waiting for
It is day I was waiting for
The moment suddenly appeared
When I stood on that low stage
You were there
in the front row of the crowd
All right
Dancing floor for you is ready
Step on a step
Don't be so shy
So just carry on
Carry on
Dance with us
Stomp hard on the beat
Let's start together
I just want to see your biggest smile
Might seem like a dream but it ain't
it is here
There are people inside
you just can't deal with
Fighting since monkeys
and probably will be the same now on
Still fighting
just like the ancient days
We are still fighting from ages ago
We have been hitting the floor
from the days we were born
Sound will keep changing but
what we do won't change
We have been hitting the floor from when
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