quiet squall



Duration 1m 29s
Creation date 2018-10-14
Modication date 2018-10-14
Karaoke ID (KID) : fa4eb82c-f2e3-4c96-9d00-5885c7381ab0
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i feel the words descending from the sky
pulse the lies over your eyes
an instant night
intoxicated by the pain
in this complicated universe
illuminated by the haze
will you let me truly into that heart?
my life, my conclusion
it's the same, the same
the same, the same… without you
that somehow to feel you
in the quiet, quiet closed off mind
like the summer sky covered by
hard to amount, to amount
to amount, to amount... the fragrance
i dream of you in the rain
like the way that we used to be
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