holLow wORlD

OP 2


Duration 1m 31s
Creation date 2019-4-29
Modication date 2019-4-29
Karaoke ID (KID) : c10855db-c908-4fd3-8dce-fd5131aa0c45
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In this place, I have to stay?
My memory wearing off
I lost my name
Is this dark haze that you said?
I walk like a lost child
I lost your face
If everything could be imaginary one
Can I be resigned to losing end?
Is this where I live?
Is this where I leave?
Eternal flame
The hollow world I see
The sorrow deeply I feel
Now they’re perfectly burned out
Eternal flame just back in my hands
Like a double-edged sword
I don’t care
It’s time I have to go that way
Cause I got ready' break my endless days
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