The loneliest Girl



Duration 1m 43s
Creation date 2019-5-30
Modication date 2019-5-30
Karaoke ID (KID) : e6bc8a58-d10b-48d1-8b66-870d04c1c53d
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It's a little cold in paradise tonight
Love faded
I’m finding new forms, I'll ride it out
It's fine for now
Then you come along and I cry
I’m seeing clearly now, there's no turning back
And I'm overwhelmed
Do you really want to set the night on fire?
You're my only way out
Do you really want to turn your life around again?
You know you're my last chance
Can you feel my
Can you feel my
Can you feel my tears? They won't dry
Can you feel my
Can you feel my tear drops of the loneliest girl?
The loneliest girl
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