Big Enough



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Creation date 2019-5-9
Modication date 2019-10-17
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I've lived in lonely cities
I've crossed deserts on camel back
And I've filled the halls of folklore with things I'd rather we forget
I could sweep you off the street so saying this is goddamn tough
But this town might be big enough...
See, I reckon what you're saying
But this dog's run every course
I've roamed without my boots on
I've raced without my horse
And then I ate my horse's meat straight from my horse's bones
'Cause this dog
Must roam alone
You could shoot me in the mountains
In the cold fat rain
We could do it in the countryside
As we walk the plain
It wouldn't give us any closure
All cowboys need to trust
That this town might be big enough
For both of us
Well, I'd be a doggamn liar
If I said this ain't a lonely town
And what I wouldn't give
To have a friend around
We could trade in all our silver bullets
And buy a patch of dust
This town might just be big enough
For all of us
This town!
This world!
Are you big enough?
From Australia
to America
And Russia
and China
All of Asia
Let me out
Europe and Great Britain
Oh Canada
In Croatia
and Serbia
get it India
It's serious
in Syria
Believe in us
We're Ghana be big enough
For Africa,
South Africa
South Korea,
North Korea
Algeria, Nigeria
Antarctica, Around the Equator
Cuba, Indonesia
Jamaica, we'll take ya
To Florida and catch you later
I'll catch you later
Christianity, Islam, Judaism
Let me out
Are you big enough?
Ayant réconcilié leurs différences, Butch Callinan et Alex le Kid devinrent associés
et partirent ensemble vers l'Ouest où ils s'installèrent
pour ouvrir une ferme de pommiers à la sortie de Bakersfield en Californie.
Ils furent ensuite rejoints par Molly Lewis, siffleuse devenue célèbre à San Franciso.
Elle s'occupa des finances de la pommeraie et vécut plus longtemps que les deux anciens rivaux.
Ils ne parlèrent plus jamais de la supposée visite du fantôme de Jim Barnes.
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