The Perfect World



Duration 1m 58s
Creation date 2020-2-8
Modication date 2020-5-14
Karaoke ID (KID) : b026c180-9811-4f8f-b303-f6f3bdfb1945
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Someday I'll be gone
To somewhere that we belong
And God has never played his role
'Cause I'm the one who saves my soul
It's a perfect world we're longing for…
So long
Cursed shadows haunt and gather
In the city of no answer
As we follow endless questions
Hands up in the same reflection
Sometimes we try to feel
how things just used to be in yesterdays
No one ever make it better
No one ever lives forever
Wake me up and let me go
Someday I'll be gone
To somewhere we all belong
For so long
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