aLIEz ~ Sapphire Vers.



Duration 1m 30s
Creation date 2017-10-11
Modication date 2019-10-18
Karaoke ID (KID) : c8f260b6-543f-46d6-af0c-d054c357aebb
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At a glance it was harmless
Told myself that I had this
Just need some translations that I can work off of
Got my hands on the single
I’m filled with joy
Finally I can work on this song a little
Searched throughout the net trying to get decent translations
Found a few that wouldn't do, they were abominations
Curious, I skimmed the booklet for official lyrics
Found the song, my jaws dropped, oh my god
What the fuck is this?
It’s all gibberish
Wait it's play on words
Yet this song still makes no sense
Oh my Lord
I can't take much more
Screw this song, I'm out, I'm done for now
This song's in Japanese
But wait, that's Chinese
There's some English too
Look, there's German, woop-dee-doo
I give up on this
Can’t save this engrish
And before you ask:
No, there's no full version
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