Whispering My Love



Duration 2m 7s
Creation date 2019-6-29
Modication date 2019-6-29
Karaoke ID (KID) : 03f6a333-a9ab-43ea-91d3-ba3319d8ce3b
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You were looking out the window
Hoping you would disappear
You were singing to yourself
Hmm... Hmm...
You, I heard you sing the song
And yeah, I heard you, so I sang along
Until I heard you, no one knew
You were invisible, imaginary
To everyone but me
Then one day, I gathered up
The courage to come over and sing
Baba ba balalalala la
Bala baba ba balalalala la
Then a wind came a-blowing around
And an echo, it swallowed your song
And sent it over the road and filled through my house
Then I knew it was over when you figured me out
Baba ba balalalala la
Bala baba ba balalalala la
Ooh, ooh
Ooh, ooh
Whispering my love
Whispering my love
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